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Chris Stakutis

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Decades of software and business experience

24 Patents, Many Books & Articles, countless products created and delivered
Concord Software has extensive experience in designing big and small systems and architecting modern solutions using the best tools and stacks. From front-end and mobile to back-end Concord Software is focused on micro-services using REST, likely deployed on AWS or other cloud, typically with Node/Express or Java/Spring(boot), sporting single-page-applications (SPA) with Vue or React, SQL or NoSQL data stores, To-Cloud-Migration, and many other DevOps and AWS/Cloud tooling to ensure best-in-class solutions.
Private Equity & Mngt
The Private Equity market is incredibly active as we enter 2019. PE involvement in firms results in higher operational effeciency largely as a result of investing in new tooling and architectures. Such refactoring often involves a deeper To-cloud orientation and often modernization of existing IT, development, and delivery resources. Concord has experience in a wide variety of verticals helping with Due Diligence for the Private Equity opportunities. Concord also provides executive management advise and consulting and is very instrumental in creating written material, brochures, articles, and even books.
Contract Programming
Concord is well versed in nearly all modern programming languages and stacks and tools. Most popular languages include: Javascript (node, browser), ES6, Babel/Webpack, Java 8, C, C++, and other scripting such as bash, Python, etc. Aside from regular SQL databases, Concord is fan of NoSQL such as DynamoDB, Mongo, and in-memory high-performance databases. Alexa (Voice) is a key asset/skill along with IoT experience including Zigbee and cameras etc.
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A modern approach to building new technologies, software applications, cloud solutions, and evaluation (due diligence) of technical organizations and products. Advising Private Equity companies, developing cutting-edge software solutions, architecting compelling new projects, and hands-on coding with endless support.
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World-wide consulting with continuous support and endless innovation. phone 978-764-3488 place Boston (Concord) MA, US email
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