Chris Stakutis is the founder of Concord Software along with a small team of expert developers and architects. Chris has been the Chief Software Architect at many companies and is a renowned inventor with over 24 patents, 3 published books (Inescapable Data; Surviving Technology, Clean Your Side Of The Street), numerous articles, and often seen speaking on the dramatic changes from pervasive technology, IT evolution, cloud management, in various industry verticals.

Concord Software Consulting is focuses on full-stack solutions, specifically those using React (or React Native) front-end, all the modern responsive stacks, and communicating via REST/GraphQL to cloud-based (AWS preferably) Node/Express or Java/Spring Boot servers. Back-end specialities focus on noSQL, mySQL/other, RabbitMQ, Docker, and keen on Lambda (FaaS) and similar cloud directions.

Chris has 30+ years experience in the field of computer science. He completed his BSCS from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 3 years  and his MBA from Babson College in a leisurely 10 years.