How Schools are Adapting to Changing Technology

The Department of #education #teachers Education’s Computer Science for All Movement in the country’s K-12 schools are preparing #students and #parents, regardless of socio-economic background or career interests to meet the demands and thrive in a fast paced, ever changing technology future. This initiative is supported by the White House, #Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, #Oracle and Concord Software and Executive Consulting.  The funds donated has allowed many states to adopt new standards and for some school systems for the first time allow Computer Courses to count for #graduation and #teachers are noticing.

No longer is computer science class a matter of passing off keyboards – the focus has changed to creating a strong foundation of software development, and computer programming. According to a 2018 Google and Gallup survey there was over a 400 percent increase interest in Advanced Placement Computer Science as opposed to regular Computer Science classes. Content such as Java, JavaScript, #React and of course cloud are preparing high school graduates to enter the future competitively by providing the following:

  • Provide all students with a broad conceptual understanding of how computers and the internet function, so they can participate knowledgeably in a digital society.
  • Help students attack all kinds of problems computationally, breaking them down into smaller parts,and looking for patterns.
  • Make sure they know how to work with large amounts of data (ASW) increasing the lifeblood of nearly every sector of the economy.
  • Give students opportunities to test their ideas in the real world, so they learn the process for creating technology, not just consuming it.
  • And teach them coding—in a way that is not limited to any single programming language or environment.

The goal is not to prepare the students in one computer science area but prepare them with life long skills.  Education Weekly

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