Walmart, and technology ala masses

I love #Walmart for all the normal reasons (massive selection of just about everything you could ever want, and priced incredibly agreeably for conscious buyers).  I don’t go as often as I would like (location issues here), but noticed something last Saturday.

Out of the 25 checkout isles, 20+ of them are *only* self-checkout.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a line with a real cashier, and why would you try??

So, interestingly, some values have shifted and across economic boundaries. We know as consumers that “service” is important (and Walmart’s floor-help is supreme — asking them where anything is in that mega-size store and they’ll know!).  But is check-out a “service” that you really want to wait-for, be aggravated by slowness, and struggle with language?  Nah.  We want speed, we want to decide how to bag our own crud, we want to “pay fast!” and we want to leave.  Check-out is no longer a service, and this is more and more true (Elizabeth Warren #ElizabethWarren might be right, but she’s wrong that these are American-dream employment opportunities).

20+ self-checkout. No waiting. Easy-to-use system (who can’t scan a bar code?). AND probably better theft-safe than traditional. Mind you, we’re talking about Walmart, generally serving a mid to lower economic client and typically in more rural areas etc.  The system is friendly, you see your own face on the camera as you scan (security), there are plenty of Walmart “aides” bouncing around to help as-needed, and your service-interval is greatly shortened and your buying-experience greatly improved.

Because of: Technology. And: Universal acceptance of technology.  In consumer-grade retail!

I work in software/engineering/tech.  The great nations of the world such as the US are in supreme need for more tech talent (hence why the salaries are so high) and need more graduates than can help build pharma-delivery drones, self-driving vehicles, reduce urban transportation issues, trips to the moon (seriously #musk) and better consumer purchase experiences…far more so than we need more cashiers.

Go to #Walmart, #Homedepot, #Panerra, #McDonalds, any supermarket, or just about anywhere and everywhere, and it is not a trend you can escape; rather, it should be embraced so that we can teach/educate more of our workforce for life-changing advancements and that is partly what Concord Software is all about; Life-changing enhancements.

(And when was the last time someone pumped your gas?? :))

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