React Native, or PWA, or…? What do you think?

We all know, as we develop life-changing solutions for the world: “Mobile First” rules.

Partly (if nothing else) is because: Responsive. Meaning, any-size screen, any rotation, and the “solution” needs to be very usable. Ok, got it, same page.

Mobile is a bit different. Some apps are really mobile oriented, some are “game” (and def Mobile in their use of hw), and some are just business-on-mobile.  And as a developer we have choices: True native, weird hybrid like #Cordova/PhoneGap, #React-native, or Progress Web App (#PWA).  What’s right? Dunno. Depends, right?

I’d like to think if you’re building a “business app” (that is, not directly at-consumer/retail, but functional and essential) that PWA is the *right* step after just “visit us on our response webapp”, yes? I’ leaning this way heavily.

I’m *not* a fan of true Raw Native at all (unless: Gaming). And not a fan of Cordova/hybrid any longer either (sloppy, slow).  But #React-Native is just VERY cool.  Yeah, it’s only two platforms (but they are 99.5% of the market now) and yeah, you should do a lot of customizing to make it feel platform-nice, and yeah its not the same components (<Vieiw>===<div> etc etc) but close-enough and everything else you do an know and love about #React just works, correctly. Naturally.

My experience with #React-native has just been wonderful. Fast, easy, easy to test/demo, easy to write. Some new learning, but not much.

Interested if others see life differently?

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