Community theater: And arts? What does that mean to us, technologists?

We took a weekend trip to the Berkshires. Of course with computer(s) and phones, but as-said: to get “away”.

Lenox Mass, amazing theatre (#Tanglewood being so close).  It’s a different life out here. Values are different, but technology is still present.

So we saw this amazing play, “Pipeline” at the Shakespeare theatre. Front-row of a 190 person small, quaint, intimate, “community theatre”–human contact.  THE most moving, most-personal, most in-front production I’ve seen. I left feeling good. And loved that technology brought me here, why? Because I live in the new world of: Work Anywhere, Everywhere, ALL the time.  If that sounds bad to you (or perhaps my dad of years late), well, live it — freedom, expression…and Live Life.

See, technology, it’s advancements, have brought both: Togetherness + Freedom…of such we have not seen before.  Be where you want, be who you are, experience everything else people will share, do it together, and make some difference (else, “leave” un-marked and there’s just no point in doing that).

The people in Concord Software see life  as such  (I think?) differently.  Tech is life, life is tech, and you elect the right involvement.  To make it better for you. Your kids. Your job. Others that need your help, And, well, your life.

Downtown #Lenox (o-so-quaint!) coffee shop, 120 miles from any city, and your every-day-people working on their Mac/Pro planning their cookie-making-business or talking to grandchildren. Maybe playing “jellies” or any such that pleases them, learns them, or connects them.  THIS is the new world.

My (and CSC) goal is to help people embrace and find reason.

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  1. There’s a handful of games I play on my Samsung Galaxy. My Singing Monsters – I belong to one of the top tribes in the game and we have a chat group where we connect; I very much feel like a contributing and valued member of that community. 2048 and Solitaire Collection (mainly Free Cell) – they make my head feel good. And Peak (I pay a monthly subscription) – I think it helps keep my brain sharp; as a 52 year old, I can use all the help I can get with that…

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