#holiday inn, and yes, there is life ala travel

You travel, like I do.  Sadly, home is what you feel when the sliding doors open to a front desk, right??

Sometimes things go wrong. It happens.  A younger me might harbor anger (etc). No more.  Tanya is a nice gal at the front-end of suburbia #holiday inn.  She didn’t know I booked (thru #expedia) *next* month (same day).   She had a line.  I could wait. And did. Happily.

You have to sometimes just grow-up;  good people and good hotels will help you.  If they dont, they wont be. So if you understand that, you flow.

You hopefully live in a world close-enough to mine.  The hotel for tonight doesn’t matter much. I can find another, another uber, another plane, or an airport bench — enjoyed them all (some are nice). I think, and tell me if i’m wrong, that we’re in a new society; it is a society of US.  NOT: Them.

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  1. chris.stakutis@gmail.com

    The point is this: WE (as a society) now hold a huge vote…on everything. More so than ever in history. Service is once again “king” because companies simply can not hide. We write our own reviews, we rate products ourselves, we provide useful comments to vendors and we help each other make choices. We vote and our numbers are huge.

    Technology is the core to all of this.

    50 years ago we were all victims of marketing and semi-official review pages/papers. No longer. Today we vote. Constantly.

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