Oh McDees and life is us now!!! #mcdonalds

I spent (sadly) too much of my life at #mcdonalds or #starbucks, and THEY understand US…isn’t that comment (alone) on life?  McDees has now decorative lighting, human-alive plants on stools, and, well, value.  Bucks same but different. All: Free WiFi, so that you, I, can work, socialize.

If I (or you?) go to a “coffee shop” and *dont* see a million people buried into their computer, tab, phone, etc…well, you wouldn’t go back.

The new world of retail understands this. YES (E Warren) we have fewer check-out gals and people bagging our groceries, right?  But we still still NEED (love? desire? share?) each other. So it turns out, put self-check-out aside, we want to be with each other, on our terms.

ISN’T that new direction of managing people.  Think about it and comment, please.


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