Is it ever a day off now…?

Is it ever a day off now?  I dont think so.  I’m not sure if that’s fantastic, or not. But I think it is.

Starbucks, Veteran’s day, a day we all owe respect, and do.  And I look around; 12 people, laptops and coffee, but that’s *not* bad, is it? They might be texting their grandchildren, or a customer in Asia, or learning Spanish, right?  I wont judge, no.

Or maybe they are working. Making money. For themselves, spouses, kittens, or just to learn. What if they are just learning…a new winter crock pot recipe, or the latest Pub/Sub in React or how really to get AWS Lambda functions to “step” right???

Do you see: Technology has afforded us a freedom *never* been seen before in history.  We are living in times of freedom, freedom to SAY what EVER we wish, to vote, to work, to work all-the-time if we like because: Maybe that is rewarding.

My dad fought in WWII, bombed the crap out of Dresden and most of Germany (bomber pilot). Today I will think of him.  And I hope he sees how the world has allowed all of us to flourish through enabling each other.  It’s still a team sport and we will make it best for the next.

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