Gender choices: Why even bother with gender today?

There is some recent news in Mass about the RMV and offering more “gender identity choices”.  And we’ve all filled-out employment applications lately where they ask you about how you “identify”.  Pause. We need think about just how ridiculous this.

First, WHY would anyone, any hiring company, any road official really need to know what your magic parts, and especially now if you can “pick” whatever you wish?  Why would it matter to them? Would they pay you more? Better not. Give you a better role? Better not. Give you a better discount on insurance or merchandise??

Do you see: The question is senseless, judgemental, demeaning.  

This is UNLIKE asking where you went to college. (Why? It indicates something about your training and skills).  It is UNLIKE asking if you speak Spanish (which could critically assist your career today). It is UNLIKE asking your test-scores or Certs.

It is as wrong as asking: Do you eat shellfish?  Do you like skirts? Are you Republican? Do you have cancer?  Are you gay? What religion are you? We have GOT to stop this, and now.

I’m going to start answering “neutral” or the newer: “binary” on these questions.  There is no sane and valid non-judgemental reason for this question to exist in a world where now we can all choose “personally” what gender we wish, like our choice of religion, or other and it only can lead to discrimination on some level.

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