Microsoft and 4-day week; 40% INCREASE in perf; and more…

Maybe you’ve seen the last Business Insider story on reducing the work-at-work week that highlights the recent Microsoft experiment…? If not, link is above.   Fascinating.

I myself have never worked so many hours in my life but all those hours are “happy hours”; real progress, independent but engaged cooperatively, making money, learning, and WORKING.  Today (11/15/2019) local TV WBZ published a story on interviewing Boston-area people. More than 75% are *dying* to work-from-home.  Why?  So many things together…wasteful 2 hours commuting, inefficient business-while-at-office,  huge costs savings, but top on the list: Is “family”. Why ever miss a soccer game? Why ever have to schedule a 7pm dental cleaning to fit your work schedule?

What I learned as a tech-leader, VP, CTO, etc, is: GIVE people a reason and space to work as-much-as-they-want, and IF they are good, life wins for everyone. People WANT to work (talented people, ambitious people, anyway).  They dont want (or need) the other crud. And the smart business and *retail* providers among us are seeing this.  Move to the city, walk to #Starbucks and #Panera and #WeWork spaces and meet like-minded smart people. But work, and learn, and pay attention to those in your family that matter.

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