Our new workforce, is, simply: Us.

We are living in very interesting times of a new approach to work.  More of us than ever own and control our own ability to work and make income.

Uber, We Work, telecommuting, AirBnB, technology, and a very strong desire to be in control of our daily lives is painting the new landscape.  I meet some of the nicest and hard working people when taking #Uber. Often not speaking the best english, but own their income, work really hard, drive nice cars, and can provide for their family in ways that suits their availability.  Isn’t that just wonderful?

So here’s the interesting twist that wasn’t foreseen.  We *thought* that tech and automation and robotics (etc) were going to end “the service economy”.  Not so. We want service and human contact now than ever before. We *want* a nice #Uber driver. We *want* the #HomeDepot paint-person to reallllly know paint, having done it for years.  We want #Toyota’s sales person to tell me why the new Camry is a good fit for my college grad. We want the #RuthChris waiter to help us understand dry vs wet-aged meat; we want to “hear” it, perhaps talk about it.

But we dont want someone to bag my groceries if I can do-so; or wave my supermarket products over the scanner.  Those aren’t differentiators, are they? No.

Our world, our lives, has the HIGHEST amount of inter-human communication *ever* seen.  We learn faster. We access more accurate information. And in many ways, us simply interacting with each other more than *ever* in history means a sensational freedom.  Yes, we “work” more too, but we work as we want. Technology has not made us more recluse; rather, it has made us more connected.

The new work force is: Us.

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