Technology Thesaurus, Please

I always thought I was Staples worst nightmare. “Oh no, the non-techie is here again – RUN.”   “The “sticky-thing” person is here again – HIDE.”

I am one of the millions of people who think they can explain in detail what they need for their computer, Apple 6 Iphone, and printer and I really believe the Staples’ representative can translate it into computer vernacular. Thank God, when I go to Staples that is entirely true as I usually drive my tech friends crazy.  My non-tech friends and I often wish there was a “computer/technology thesaurus” to explain what we are looking for. Ahhh but today I was pleasantly surprised, again. After a lengthy discussion concerning the availability of a new battery for my Apple I6 phone I hesitantly went into Staples ready to be told it does not exist.   The tech service representative listened intently to my problem – I charge it every night but in the morning it drops from 100% to 30% in less than 3 hours – do you have a new battery or something to fix it. Sure, it will take 45 minutes he responded in a polite and understanding way. I waited and shopped then finally he returned with my phone and a new sealer a/k/a the thing they put on the front of the phone to protect it from cracking – who knew???   He smiled and told me he deals with non techs all the time – no worries. Then I really asked a dumb question: I have a new chromebook and want to download my work on the “sticky thing” I use on my bigger personal computer, like the E drive thing. Does the chromebook have a different thing or are they all the same size?

We laughed together and I learned a new word – thumb drive – and yes you can use the same thumb drive on the chromebook.

 Who Knew?

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