#Staples, pod casts, Chromebooks: Great additions to life

#Staples is also another great store where customer-focus and customer-value is just #1.  I grew up in the day where the customer was considered evil at most stores; under-helped, under-appreciated, constantly threatened on prices.  No more; welcome the “vote of the web, the vote of us”.

This week Staples has the #HP #Chromebook for $189, which is somewhat below the normal price.  That is an amazing price for quite a “useful” machine (your phone costs $1,000 and doesn’t have a keyboard or real screen by comparison plus a $100/mo. fee, right?).  I own several Chromebooks; I keep them in (get this) the linen closet for guests or my beach trips.   For women they are even better because they fit in most carry-bags and for me lighter than my expensive MacBook (and no wires to unhook twice a day etc).  Sprinkle technology everywhere in your life where you might need continuity, entertainment, and contact.

Is a Chromebook as-good as your real-laptop and 40″ paired HDTV screens? No. But it’s $189.  Drop it in the sand or ocean and, well, just get a new one.  Keep one in your trunk for just-in-case reasons (why not?), and one in the garage, and, well, the linen closet (because: you just never know).

So, get this: Staples is now building high-end *professional* in-store Pod Cast booths. They are AMAZING.  Sound proof, custom A/C, high-end digital mics etc.  Why? To attract more people, more customers, more services.  Why? Service.

Our technology today brings us freedom, and service like we never had before, because we “vote” and retailers want our vote.

Here’s an interesting rub; sometimes you want “less” customer service, but still selectable “interaction”. #Starbucks mobile take-out service is fantastic.  You order while at a stop light in 3.5 seconds (2 clicks for repeat orders), you jump out of your car and its there for you to pickup instantly. No transaction-cost-time, great product, and great service.  AND, if you wanted to stay and enjoy the WiFi, the visitors, the lav  (bathrooms are the new business frontier; separate blog forthcoming) well, you can.

Stay free. And keep voting on how to build our future.

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