The TRANSPARENT beauty of technology (and, Boston Pops!)

We recently attended the Boston Pops Holiday concert; short: It was AMAZING (and always is!!!).   You simply sit there in the beauty of the theatre, the magic of the perfect music, and the wonder of a detailed theatrical experience.  And maybe, for a moment, you’re not thinking about technology (maybe).

But in a very good way, technology is a HUGE part of a the production and event.  Some of it is apparent, for example, probably 95% of attendees purchases their date and seat online in the comfort of their home, using a wonderful web site and web promotions to build their interest, and fast & safe on-line purchasing.   “Normal” stuff.

But the event itself uses technology expertly well; the sound systems, tiny hanging microphones, that incredibly powerful rear projection system accenting the performance in a A.R. (augmented reality) way with color screens and backgrounds.  The performers themselves, perhaps over 100 of them, all coordinated via mobile technology prior to the event (dates, assignments, substitutions, schedules, and on).  All the audience live-instant pictures and instagrams and selfies measured in the thousands per minute, sharing the experience with anyone and everyone.

We touch, we share, and we interact with others more than ever, and allow technology to amplify our experiences.

You watch. You listen, You’re entranced. Hundreds of expert performers and artists in a live in-person experience and your part of it. And so is technology, a partner, in our experiences.

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