The new age of trust: Is it tech-enabled?

I grew up a bit in a fear of theft and crime, even though I was in a nice upper-class suburban ‘hood. I think (checking) the world different is today. We *might* have more trust than before. And why? Technology.

Like many new-age-work-reformers, our life is the road. Yes, work-from-home (WFH) really means: work “wherever” and smart retailers like #starbucks #panera #mcdonalds and your average hotel and coffee shop know this. THIS is their market now. It’s not a donut, it is a “do not” leave us, stay. 🙂 AND: Work.

So we do.

I basically live at Starbucks. Many of my “kind” do as well (some are nice). Aside from great $4 coffee, a good and clean and safe bathroom are now the rankings, right? You have your whole setup on the table, expensive Mac Pro, head set, couple of phones, right? Today you can think nothing of going to the bathroom and leave your stuff be. It WILL be safe. Why is that???

Partly because the world is good. Partly because we all watch out for each other — we look around, we see; if someone grabs your stuff, we’ll see. More-so, door-cams and shop-cams are everywhere — you’d be a fool to steal an Amazon house package today or someone’s laptop at #Starbucks, right? Trust and security, it seems, is achieved by the masses (us) and less-so from enforcement. Isn’t that curious?

Take my laptop or phone and I’ll find you before you’re in your car. You cant fingerprint into my Mac, and I can remotely wipe my life, so you gain nothing in the attempt. While security will be a worry for all-time, I do feel somewhat better protected and can enjoy more of life more easily; ISN’T that what is all about?

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  1. Excellent insight – Technology has definitely enhanced security in stores, university campuses, hotels and even houses of worship. In a situation similar to Starbucks I also feel it is a feeling of comradery – we are all in this together. I will watch your things you will watch mine.

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