Risk Management – Leverage Excel for fast, easily revised Risk Analysis

Product release to the customer often requires a FMECA (Failure Modes Effects and Criticality) along with the Reliability Prediction to complete the delivery package; in addition, revisions are common along with the pressure to update the Risk Analysis package quickly and accurately.  Excel provides data import, lookup, merge and formatting to automate this process and provide the customer both the report and the tool to implement the inevitable revisions.  A Functional FMECA, essentially analyzing the design at the System Block Diagram level, provides an understandable document for the customer and supplier.

Three inputs are required to implement a Functional FMECA – the Reliability Prediction, Parts List and Function vs Part Reference List.  The FMECA requires each Function be listed along with its Failure Rate as a starting point for the FMECA analysis.  Excel automates the tedious process that calculates Function Probability of Failure by automatically referencing each Function to Part Designators to Part Numbers to Failure Rates.

Completing the FMECA requires the normal process of entering Failure Mode Ratios, Severity; calculating the Risk Priority Number and using Excel’s excellent sorting capability to identify the highest risk Failure Modes (Critical Items List).  The FMECA worksheet is easily formatted to comply with customer report standards.

Future posts will detail each step in the process including examples from production FMECA worksheets…

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