Uber is life!

So, just landed in Logan, 1am.  Need an Uber to my hotel downtown.  I was worried…it’s kinda late, right? Not so. And what amazes me is how Logan and the world has totally embraced #Uber (and Lyft).  It’s not just “a something”, it is: “it”.  

Walk thru the airport and terminal exits…1,000’s of signs pointing you to “ride sharing”.  It hit me…wow, this is NOW a “thing”; a concept; a reality. All in a good way, very good way; cities like it, travelers like it. The Uber drivers like — they make side-money even at WEIRD times of the day.

THIS is why technology rules.  Improving EVERYONEs life. I hope.

1 thought on “Uber is life!”

  1. I’ve been grateful for Uber/Lyft availability – recently, on a bike ride, my girlfriend hit a curb, flipped over the bike, and fortunately just got a little banged up (good helmet, grass surface), but not so little she wanted to cycle home. A Lyft vehicle was only 10 min away, according to the app, so I requested a ride, which arrived early and quickly brought us home… She was relieved and grateful – I tipped appropriately. I even have a family member who easily makes $400 on a weekend as a Lyft/Uber driver…

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