New paper! Best Modern React Data Sharing Approaches

Too much confusion and far too complicated data-sharing use-cases cause many React developers to become more discouraged concerning how to share data between React components and classes while preserving one-flow direction and asynchronous updates to the UI often from server-side changes or companion components.  Even talented React developers do not truly understand ‘state’, ‘hooks’, ‘context’, and how best to utilize such tools for simple data sharing. Worse, Redux makes a difficult concept nearly impossible to understand and code-copying abounds lowering code robustness. Complexity becomes unmanageable when adding-in live data updated by many components at the same time and whose true state lives partially on the server.

This paper discusses the most modern and SIMPLEST ways of confidently sharing across components even in large and complicated projects with many live updates while avoiding the headache of Redux and visual complexity of hooks, state, and props.  The paper explores three fairly new styles and approaches that simplify data sharing in skip-level or horizontal sharing projects as well as how to best use OOP style subscription techniques in a GUI framework.

Full article: Best Modern React Data Sharing Approaches

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