Over 60 generation loving self checkout! Who knew?

How many of you have suffered – literally suffered – from standing in long checkout lines at Shaw’s or other supermarkets.  Your children are cranky, your back hurts, your patience is at its breaking point – yet you wait and wait and wait. Your stress level is causing your face to redden and develop a major headache.  Just walking into the store knowing the endless line causes anxiety.

Suddenly, self-checkout appears – management believes the under 50 crowd will love it.  Surprize !!!!!

I was in the store the day after the checkouts were installed —- the over 60 crowd loved them —- with a few explanations – credit or debit only, no cash accepted and lessons on the barcode – they worked them like a pro. All of the checkouts were filled with people waiting in line patiently, smiling at the opportunity to try the new whatchamacallit.

Who knew technology would open the eyes of the older population wanting to avoid stress in their lives?




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