The hotel-trolley story

The funny thing about writing is that is is not like they taught you in high school. No. It’s about emotion and effect and reaching someone else’s feelings.  Isn’t that interesting? I was staunch-taught in strict writing…but that’s not the world. I like this style better and I’ll work on it.
Sadly this story is true. I hope she/they are ok, but I think not.
I saw something semi touching last night.  I stare out my window at the parking lot and Chateau.  I see a mini van pull in.  Out jumps a young mother (35?) And grabs one of those hotel trolleys and returns to her car.  Then she starts to unload bags of groceries. And clothes and boots of little kids. Then little kids come out…1 2 3. They hop on the trolley like it’s a Disney ride.  She looked stressed.  So what’s the deal ? I don’t know but perhaps escaping the virus at home? Husband? I think there are a lot of stories out there right now.  I felt bad.

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