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Concord Softwarea consortium of accomplished business executives, software architects, technical leaders, analysts, health & life science professionals, educators, investors, and other innovators who share the goal to bring modern and sensible engineering to solve life-impacting problems.
Concord Software  is an organization of like-minded professionals, experts in their respective fields, combining their experience, accomplishments, business contacts, and aspirations for a shared goal.
Why Concord Software?  Software, engineering, and business advances are occurring at an accelerated pace and no single architect or leader can be “best in all new advancements”.  A consortium of an elite  group of industry veterans, whose focus is to discover, learn, build, and assist numerous  companies through their knowledge — to improve the world.
Let the Revolution begin here. Cross the bridge with us.

Chris Stakutis

Chris Stakutis is the founder of Concord Software and a highly accomplished software architect, inventor, and product creator. With over 30 years designing software solutions, 24 patents, several published books, countless products. Chris is keenly aware of the challenges of modern software development and delivering solutions.
Chris has a deep passion for cloud (AWS), Front-end (React focused), and all-things-backend including NoSQL, Node, Javascript, Lambda (FaaS), and Java; coupling those to solve real-world life-enhancing solutions.  
 Worcester Polytechnic Institute graduate ( high honors), Babson MBA .

Dr. Mark R. Willis, L.P.D

Seasoned Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device professional with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Experience leading global regulatory programs as both a project manager (PMP) and as a software quality engineer participant (certified SQE and Quality Auditor). Mark is currently working with global health authority agencies as well as the UN and USAID to conduct research for technological solutions like Blockchain and PCIDs to secure the pharmaceutical supply chain and is the author of “Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals: Are the U.S. Consumers Aware of the Potential Risks?”

Jeff Lee, PMP

Cornell University, Masters in Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering). Licensed PMP and Educator. Seasoned Project manager and IT manger - managing Medicaid Information System in Rhode Island. Recognized expertise in Unix, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL, and HTML. Jeff understands and meets his client's needs and works with system administrators and developers to deliver on those needs. He has a proven track record of building relationships and completing projects. Strong problem solver skills and methodical troubleshooter. "Completing a project on time and on budget is the primary goal but how we reach the end point is nearly as important.

John Webster

Industry Analyst, Author, Cloud Specialist. John Webster's early IT background was developed in the mainframe leasing business. In 1990, he transitioned to IDC as an analyst, where he specialized in mainframe competitive analysis. Later, he founded the storage practice at Yankee Group. In 2002, he founded Data Mobility Group and later joined Evaluator Group in 2009 where he now specializes in cloud computing and AI. He has published primary research on hybrid cloud usage and IT as a Service. He also publishes a blog on called Inescapable Data.

Tom Boyle

Healthcare Marketing executive, Tom Boyle has an extensive background across all aspects of strategic and tactical marketing. With a focus on the rapid growth of devices appearing at the edge of networks – especially within the healthcare market – and recognizing the need to not only securely manage these remote and mobile healthcare devices but use the data to improve patient outcome. He has led the strategy behind the development of ecosystems to provide analytical tools enabling the advancement of remote monitoring of mobile “at risk” populations.

Brian Moulton

DevOps Master, Thought Leader, Cloud Deployment Expert. Experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Linux System Administration, DevOps, Management, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Configuration Management. Through thought leadership, Brian has driven organizations to successful growth and execution.

Moe Iqbal

Adjunct faculty at Udemy teaching the top 5 REACT courses. Experienced code reviewer and Fullstack developer at coding spectrum. Established engineer with deep front-end skills. Experienced in fullstack dev at coding spectrum. Code reviewer at Udacity accomplishing top 3% overall on stackoverflow for May 2019 and 10% overall for 2019

Ozden Akyildiz,

Experienced Research and Development Specialist Contract & Distribution Coordinator. Holds a Master of Science (MS) in Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Rho Beta Epsilon Honor Society. Recognized for creating novel marketing applications, technology acquisition and product development processes as well as handling Software and Systems Engineering tasks in such projects. Extensively hands-on in Robotics, Controls, and Embedded Systems background.

Mike Rowan

Software architect & executive with a long history of creating and operating businesses in distributed systems, analytics, high availability, and data protection. He has been the CTO and/or founder of a 6 startups, all acquired or still operating. His startup tenure includes Viridity Software (acquired by APC), Revivio (acquired by Symantec), StorageCom (acquired by Mendocino then Symantec), CLaM Associates (acquired by Lakeview Technologies), Cobalt Iron, LassoFX, and Armored Things.

Sal Mendola

Seasoned architect with over 30 years of experience. Expert in Java development and enterprise back end design. Spring, SpringBoot, Hibernate and many other server-side technologies. On the client side, he is expert in Javascript (ES6) and modern bundling and deployment stacks. He is also a key REST architect and fluent in most databases, NoSQL, message busses, and more.

Carol M. Maloney

Operations Director. Advocate of technology in healthcare and education. Holder of US Patent (electronic assistance for aphasia and stuttering), author of “Finding My Voice with Aphasia”. Holds several Master degrees and a Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies in Education and Adolescent Literacy. Devoted veteran educator and speaker on aphasia and stuttering. Passionate about positive impact of cloud and software on learning, challenged learners and Pervasive Development Disorders.